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Login Issues

You can recover your username here. If you have an email address on file then your Kettering Health MyChart username will be sent to your email account.

Reset your password here. Verify your username and date of birth to get started.

Sign up for a new MyChart account here. If you already have an activation code, sign up here.

If you or your family member are unable to log in to your MyChart to access the Friends and Family Access page you may fill out a Proxy Form.

If you've been seen at another healthcare organization you might be able to view information from that medical record right in Kettering Health MyChart. Check out our video tutorial on how to link your account.

For any other issues please call 937-384-4893

Upcoming and Past Appointments

You can view your past and upcoming visits here. To navigate to the visits page within MyChart, login to MyChart and click on 'Visits' near the top of the screen.

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If you need assistance scheduling you may contact your providers office, or central scheduling at (937) 384-4510.

If you're looking for a new provider check out our directory here.

Test Result Information

Both Outpatient and Inpatient test results are released immediaely to MyChart after finalized. This may result in situations where you see the result before your provider has reviewed it. At times a provider may have a reason to withhold a release to MyChart. If you are expecting a result and don't see it in MyChart after 7 days, or have questions about a result, contact your provider.

Test results can take 7-10 business days to release. If you have gotten a message test results are available and still don't see them, check under Visits. It can take a few minutes to show after being notified.

Some test results of a sensitive nature are not released to MyChart. You should talk with your doctor's office directly if you have questions about any of your test results. Our Technical Support Team cannot release results to you.

Billing Questions

To view your billing summary click here.

If you have questions or concerns please give us a call. The appropriate person should be able to respond within 48 hours. Billing Customer Service can be reached at (866) 319-2981.

Change my Provider

No, you cannot add or delete your providers in MyChart. We do advise that you review this information at your next visit and ask your physician to update at that time. If they do remove providers from the Care Team they will still show in your MyChart.

No, you cannot delete physicians from your MyChart. Your physician is part of your medical record and we cannot remove them even if you no longer see them.

Notification Settings

When new information is available in your MyChart account we will send a notification to your e-mail address linked to your MyChart to view new information. These e-mail notifications will not contain any personal health information.

Communication settings from MyChart can be changed here.To navigate to Communication Preferences within MyChart, click on Menu at the top left, and scroll down to Communication Preferences.

Your email address can be changed under Personal Information here. To navigate to Personal Information within MyChart, click on Menu at the top left, and scroll down to Personal Information.

Family Records

Call the MyChart support line at (937)384-4893

The child needs to create their own MyChart account. From there they can give access permission to the parent. Sharing access is done using the share account task in MyChart.

Call the ROI support line at (937)762-1205

Accessing Medical Records

To request your medical records, choose the option below that best fits your needs. The appropriate person should be able to respond within 48 hours.

  • Office: (937) 762-1200
  • Fax: (937) 522-8444
  • Email:
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